Fiber Optics


Also for Fiber Optics products and Fiber Optics solution Procab Fiber Optics can be your business partner. 


Under the name Procab Fiber Optics we supply all fiber optics and fiber optic solutions on the market.


Product examples


Patchcords en (muliticore)pigtails:

LC, SC, FC, ST etc...

Single mode en multi mode

OS1/2 en OM1/2/3/4



From patchpanels, management systems till breakout cables and wallboxes. 



Furthermore we also supply fiber optics compononts as connectors, measurement equipment,  cleaning materials and tools to assemble your own fibers




We try to achieve short lead-times and the lowest prices on the market.


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You can contact us via info@procab.eu or via +31(0)412 651 205.


Maybe your product is not mention above or you are looking for something special, let us know and we'll find it out